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paleh0rs3, formerly known as Cryptonovelist, is a writer embracing the darkness. He’s a 28-year-old software engineer that recently quit his comfy job to pursue cryptoliterature full time.

His work embodies a fatalistic, horror-inspired view of technological progress with glimmers of hope and dark comedy sprinkled in.

Featured Work

The Killers We Create is a limited series of fictitious serial killers whose names are ideated by Twitter users but whose descriptions are written by GPT-3. In addition, each killer has been given a synthetic face using the GAN AI website The Killers We Create is inspired by the celebrity status the media often places upon serial killers. We love to watch the news coverage and documentaries from afar, but are we complicit?

If collecting serial killer NFTs isn't your thing then his two latest NFTs Executive Order and Psycho Ex are available on Foundation.

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