Twelve - Anonymous Nobody
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#1 Anonymous Nobody

Anonymous Nobody is one of several pseudonyms used by the artist. He utilizes different media and styles, and has compartmentalized his various means of expression by giving a name to those distinctive parts of his personality. Anonymous Nobody is a poet, writer, painter and digital artist. After a bit of stagnation and lack of impetus as an artist, he decided to learn to tokenize his art and release it on the Ethereum blockchain. His favorite styles are Surrealism, Abstract and Minimalism. He has a wild imagination, and he’s not afraid to use it.

Featured Work

This piece embodies Anonymous Nobody’s relationship to words and provides a glimpse into his thought process:

Every Word I’ve Written is a piece that describes my relationship with words and how they’ve affected mine and others’ lives. I’ve used words to find love and I’ve used words to end it. I’ve used words to try to stop it from ending and I’ve both succeeded when it wasn’t important and failed when it was. I’ve used words to cut and I’ve used words to heal. My with words is love/hate. They create my story and explain what’s inside my head, and this piece is a window into my thought process.”

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